The Couture Crown provides a large array of stylish, affordable, creative hand-made apparel from newborn to adult sizes. We are proud to couture and handmade all of our bedding / clothing and products in style. 

This shop was started by a  mom – Amber – who, while shopping for her baby, was inspired by the remarkable range of fashionable children clothing offered by overseas-based online stores. Dissatisfied with the fact that Singapore has few shops selling stylish yet affordable children apparel, she decided to embark on this business to make little ones look good and feel good.

Most products that you see in this site are designed by The Couture Crown from the start to the end. From fabric choices to designing and sewing; we are involved in every single step of process to ensure the quality. As each piece are personally handmade, there are no two pieces that are exactly the same. 

The unique thing about The Couture Crown? Beyond its desire to provide quality products, its ultimate vision is to provide job opportunities for families that are financially challenged. 90% of the product you see on this site are actually hand-made by families who are trying to make ends meet.

Who knew making our little princes and princesses look good would eventually lead to less fortunate people in other parts of the world feeling better?

Thank you for supporting The Couture Crown! Your love has given us hope!