We will send you an Email or WhatsApp notification to inform you once the order is in process.

For all customization you will receive it within an estimation of 3 weeks. However, do take note that if we have a large number of orders on hand, a longer period of time might be needed for the production of your product, and it might thus take a longer time for it to reach you.

Thereafter, how long the product takes to reach you depends on the mode of mailing you choose.

Please refer to the Payment & Shipping tab under Customization Info for more details.

If the product you have received is not in good condition, kindly take a picture of the defected product and email it to yeah@thecouturecrown.com. Upon confirmation from us, you can proceed to mail it back for exchange at the following address:

Block 191 Boon Lay Drive #08-146 S(640191)

We will process an exchange for you as soon as possible. Refunding services are available for products only when it is not possible to exchange. Please refer to “Refunds & Exchanges” for more information.

For customization order we provide bank transfer,Paypal, Debit/Credit card payment only. We offers cheque payment for order above SGD$1000.

Please refer to our “Measurements” for guide. If you have specific measurement do indicate in the email when you place the order.

If we didn’t fulfill our duration within 2-3 weeks, please understand that we are experiencing high volume orders. As stated in our terms & condition that customization order will be subjected to any delays due to overwhelming order. If you have any queries, please write in directly to us at yeah@thecouturecrown.com and we will be glad to assist you. 

We will advise you accordingly when you send in your orders. Will definitely be glad to give you an enjoyable experiencing purchasing with The Couture Crown. We will give you the best benefit that we can offer.

Yes, we do provide wrapping and boxes for gifts. Do indicate for us in the email so we can advise you accordingly.

Sorry, meet-up services are NOT available. However, we can do exception if you need your order urgently. But you must be able to accommodate to our timing and location. Do note that if you opt for this option, you are flexible with us changing timing and location 1 hour in advance.

Yes, you can if your order is not yet in the midst of doing. However, if your order is already in progress of doing we are sorry that we are unable to change your order. Do note that we may process your order within 10 mins after your purchases.